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We are located at Silverwater NSW but we travel all venues around Sydney and Greater Sydney.

*Please note that additional fees may apply.

All that we require is an area that is around 3m (W) x 3m (D) x 2.7m (H) and access to a power point. If you are unsure about how much area you have in your chosen venue, please contact us and we can speak to the venue organiser to work it out for you. 

In the case that the power point is more than 5m away, we will always carry a 10m extension lead in our tool box for these instances. 

Setup and pack down hours are already included in your photo booth package and you won’t be charged extra. We will arrive up to 2hrs before your event to setup the photo booth and pack down after your booking has ended. eg. if you’ve booked us for 5hrs from 6:00pm to 11:00pm, we will arrive at 4:00pm to setup and we will pack down at 11:00pm and be out of the venue before 12:00am.

Yes, we have public liability insurance coverage and we can provide you with our certificate of currency on request.

Yes, all our photo booth packages include an attendant. 

Our attendant is there to not only protect our equipment but they are also there to help your guests interact with our photo booth, fix any unforeseen errors and issues, help you retake any photos that didn’t come out as you expected and create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your guests.

Yes, all our photo booth packages include a complimentary fabric tension backdrop. We have over 20 fabric tension backdrops in our collection for you to choose from. 

We also have our range of premium rose walls if you are after something different. These rose walls will be an additional cost.

Yes, all props are included in our photo booth packages, we have a large selection that you can choose from. We recommend choosing around 10 card props, 10 glasses and 10 costume props. Having too many props on the table can be a little overwhelming for your guests so sometimes less is more.

We can also accommodate prop-less photo booths for a more timeless look. It will force your guests to be more intimate with their bodies and how they pose in front of the camera.

When we say unlimited prints, we mean UNLIMITED PRINTS! Our printers will either print out 1 copy of 4×6″ print at a time or 2 copies of 2×6″ prints at a time. Each print takes about 10 seconds to print out. We will print and hand out 1 copy for every person in the photo. eg. 5 people in the photo, we will hand out 5 and keep one spare for you as the client.

We can also print you a copy of every photo at an additional cost. 

We also offer guest books & photo albums, in these add-ons, your guests will automatically get an extra copy to put into the guest book or photo album.

Yes, all your digital single photos + prints + GIFs will be sent to you via EMAIL after the event (may take up to a week during busy weeks). All the files will be uploaded onto Google Drive for viewing and downloading.

Let us know if you are having trouble viewing or downloading the files. 

We will pick and choose the best photos (max 20) to post on our social media accounts to showcase the photos and print designs. If you go to our Instagram & Facebook account, you will see what we have uploaded in the past.

If you are not comfortable with us uploading photos from your event, please inform us before the event.

We require a $220 non-refundable deposit via EFT at the time of booking to secure the photo booth for your event. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event date via EFT or cash.

Tier 1 (invoiced but deposit not paid)

You have made a booking, received an invoice but you have not paid a deposit to secure us. We will cancel your booking without any penalties.

Tier 2 (deposit paid)

You have made a booking and paid the non-refundable deposit and wish to cancel, you will forfeit the non-refundable booking fee of $220.

Tier 3 (between 2-6 weeks before event)

If you cancel your booking 4-6 weeks before the event and you’ve made a deposit, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee on the total package price. 

Example: if your total invoice amount was $800 and you’ve made a $220 deposit, your cancellation fee is $280.

Tier 4 (within 2 weeks of you event)

If you cancel your booking within 2 weeks of your event, you will booking will incur a cancellation fee of 100%.

Tier 5 (special circumstances)

Cancellations due to special and unforeseen circumstances will be judged on a case by case basis and will incur a case specific penalty.

Damaged and missing props at the end of the event will be charged at $20 per prop broken or missing after the event. We will inform you 30 mins before the event is over so we can either roam the room to find the missing prop while the photo booth is on standby or we can charge you accordingly.

Damaged equipment is a bit more serious, we will need to have the equipment assessed by a professional technician and you as the client will be responsible to repair/replace the damaged equipment in its entirety. In the case that we need the equipment for the next event and it is damaged, you will also be liable for any loss of income due to the accident that happened at your event.

Sometimes the party is going great and you don’t want the photo booth to end. If you want to extend the photo booth duration for another hour or 2, we can most certainly do that for you. You will need to inform the photo booth attendant and also message directly on 0452 195 855 so I can co-ordinate it with the attendant. 

An overtime fee of 50% will be added to the standard hourly charge of $100 per hour (after 3 hours). The overtime rate will be $150 per hour if extended on the day of the event.

If you think that you will be enjoying the photo booth too much and you haven’t booked in a long enough session, message us any time before the date of the event to extend, standard hourly charge of $100 per hour will apply. 

Company name: Aemoments Pty Ltd

ABN: 23 658 051 186

ACN: 658 051 186